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Logans are a race in the game. Commonly referred to as stubs

The stubs are star-crossed creatures that first mutated thanks to a hefty dose of radiation and then as a result of genetic experiments. They tried to conquer the galaxy, though their efforts were thwarted, and they are often persecuted for being the only race of mutants: Logans are galactic outcasts despised by the Magellans for their appearance and by everyone else for their bloodthirstiness. While the race proudly calls itself Logans, the rest of the galaxy dismisses them offhand as “stubs.”


Being impervious to radiation lets Logans survive where others couldn’t spend a single minute. They are fearless, strong, and merciless, as passing centuries have culled out the weak.

Reproduction for this race wholly and completely depends on cloning technology Logans have been doing their best to try to perfect in order to make sure their gene pool is not spoiled at some point in the distant future. That same goal drives their galactic exploration and the experiments they’re constantly running.

They say Logans steal genes from other races to implant in their own genome, though the Logans themselves counter that accusation by pointing to their belief in their own perfection.


A long time ago in forgotten ages past, the Logans’ home planet was sold to a buyer who used it as a dump for radioactive materials. The centuries after that sale saw them mutate and deteriorate, until one day another race appeared on the planet and began experimenting on the Logans. The Logans threw off the yoke of their oppressors and overcame them, but not before their genetic code had been irreparably damaged. In an effort to avoid further degrading life for their young, they mastered cloning technology—sadly, even that was not enough to avert further corruption of their genetic code. As the generations went by, that became more and more evident: Logans became even more dreadful as mutants, though they were by this point immune to radiation.

The Magellans, who were to study the Logan anomaly arising at the old radioactive waste dump, were so shocked by how disgusting the Logans look when meeting them that they called them “miserable stumps.” That moniker has since become even more common than their actual name.

The arrival of the Magellan cruiser triggered long-term development among the Logans, who built a fleet and colonized the planets nearest to them. A meeting with the Drills led to a military alliance, and together the two annihilated several other races. The harmless Hobbs, similar to hamsters, were wiped from the face of bordering worlds that were turned into radioactive deserts. The Platans, a group of druids, and some underdeveloped non-humanoids called Kelars soon followed, and their senseless slaughter shocked the entire galaxy and led to war. The First Galactic War put an end to the stubs’ aggressive expansion and pushed back the Logan anomaly, culminating in the Battle of Betelgize — a sound defeat for the Logans that they still commemorate as the day they lost everything.

It has been quite some time now since the stubs left the scene of their defeat. In the intervening period they have managed to rebuild their military might, becoming once again a menacing opponent dedicated to the principle that might makes right.


The Logans’ highly developed scientific prowess serves as their substitute for everything else. They have neither art not religion, which they couldn’t care less about. Everything they need but cannot achieve through science is won on the field of battle.

Logans enjoy a strong intellectual bent and are not afraid of anything. They respect the strong and have nothing but contempt for the weak, for whom they think there is no place in the universe. They do not forget betrayal, such as when the Drills abandoned them in the deciding battle.

The Magellans hate them as being genetically inferior. The Logans, in turn, cannot forgive the Magellans for how they were treated at the hands of the reconnaissance cruiser’s crew, which first saw them and gave them the despised nickname that stuck with them forever.

Overall, they are just simple creatures doing their best to live the good life.

It was not that long ago that an organization was set up in the galaxy with the intention of decontaminating the Logan anomaly and turning it into a tourist attraction. The humanitarians in charge think that will drive change and help the Logans earn more from tourism than they can from war, though the stubs themselves will most likely not agree to trade in their spaceships for souvenir shops—their military industrial complex already resists the idea of producing magnets with views of the planet instead of their customary bombs.[1]

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