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The Theoshians - a legendary race of star wanderers, whose power is beyond measure, and whose reason and logic are beyond comprehension. No one knows who or what they really are. Are they living beings, or maybe machines? Or are they something entirely different; something beyond our understanding? What precisely do they want and what do they aspire to? It still remains to be seen.


Little is known about the physiology of the Theoshians, and what is known has come down to us through the legends and traditions of ancient cosmic civilizations that have long since become extinct. These sources say that the Theoshians were endowed with such incredible beauty, that just looking upon them would deprive one of his vision and corrupt his ability to reason. Just a beautiful metaphor or is it reality - Who knows?

Many surviving texts mention the procreative process of the Theoshians. This, it is told, is accompanied by flashes of light brighter than hundreds of thousands of exploding stars. Theosynthesis begins when Theoshians reach the peak of their powers, whereupon they take the form of celestial spheres, splitting themselves into many fragments, each of which becomes a new Theoshian.


They came out of nowhere; a huge armada of majestic ships, each glowing like a star. Then without warning, without demands, without pity they simultaneously attacked countless colonies representing all the races of the galaxy. Many fell, with only a very few able to stand against such an attack. Then the unthinkable happened - this terrifying enemy began to destroy the very stars themselves! One supernova explosion followed another, illuminating the entire galaxy, and scattering about in space the remains of what used to be hundreds of billions of intelligent beings. After this the armada disappeared, hiding itself in deep space.

Now no one has any doubt that these were indeed the legendary Theoshians. Lost cosmic civilizations, such as the ancient Priyoni, warned us through legends, myths and stories about the dangers that these creatures bring. But we didn't listen. We didn't want to listen! Mired in petty squabbles with each other as we were, seeking to satisfy our most primitive needs while turning our backs on everything else. And for this we would pay - and pay dearly!

On one of the golden plaques left by the Priyoni there is a text. Carved in a circle looping in on itself, it states:

"The Gods, whose greatness is as the stars, with fire will cleanse the universe from defilement, bring order to chaos and will not allow the universe to die. Sinners will be reduced to ashes, and the righteous will ascend to a higher plane of existence. It will be a new era of peace, harmony and tranquility. ...But time is like a spiral and all that was, is and will be returns again in a new and different form. And the filth will return with chaos reborn, as the universe once again begins to die. And then the Gods will return to save us all by destruction. The Gods whose greatness is as the stars..."

"...salvation and destruction" - So this is the goal of the Theoshians. They want to cleanse the universe from evil - from us, sentient beings. But that was only the first wave. Soon the Theoshians will return, and this means that we need to prepare, to find a way to resist their power, or die trying.


Is it possible to apply the concept of culture to beings whose thinking is beyond our comprehension? Perhaps this term is in fact too primitive, or too simple to reflect the essence of what the Theoshians and their society really are (if indeed they have a culture). This question still defies an answer.